About Mendo Cann

Founded in 2005, The Natural Cannabis Company was created by Dona Frank as a way to provide women safe access to quality cannabis. Since its inception our company has continued to evolve and thrive, always keeping in line with our commitments to proving only clean, pesticide- and contaminant-free, premium cannabis products and helping women have a safe, positive experience both as clients and staff.

More than 90% of the cannabis and related products sold in our two Northern California dispensaries are produced by local small farms and artisan crafters. Large scale, mass produced cannabis is not for us nor our clients!

By focusing on the craft model, we partner with local farmers and producers to provide our clients with diverse and unique cannabis flowers and products while supporting multi-generational small businesses throughout Northern California. In fact, we have one of the most expansive collections of premium cannabis flowers in the region, offering more than 50 strains to choose from daily!

Art and creativity inspired by cannabis is another of our passions, one that is reflected both in our unique packaging and annual international art contest, High Art. We take pride in promoting artists from around the world at international events like Oakland Pride, Sturgis, Art Basel Hong Kong, MORE…? Learn more about us and our programs below.

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